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About is a job search engine. We do for jobs what Google does for the internet. Not clear? Ok. On Insidify you can find any job in Nigeria, no matter the website it is posted. If we don’t have it, then it’s not online. You can read more about us here.
No. Insidify is not a recruitment agency. However, we have a solution called Seamless Hiring; a first-rate digital platform that allows recruiters select the best candidates easily and efficiently.
Yes, you can. You can advertise your products and services on our website. You can also advertise job vacancies in your organization. For more info on this, reach out to or call 01-2911091/08167134495

Insidify Accounts

You can create an account with by clicking the orange "Sign-up" button at the top of our homepage or just click here
If you just created an account and cannot log in, then, you probably entered an incorrect e-mail/password combination. Please check again to confirm. If you are still having issues, kindly reset your password or contact us.
Yes, you can upload documents in either .doc, .docx or .pdf formats.
Creating a profile makes you more attractive to potential employers as you will be able to highlight your skills and attach your CV which will make you stand out. You will also be able to receive job alerts.
Sign in and click on “My Brand Page”. You can edit any part of your profile here.
Your account never expires. Get used to it!

Insidify Job Search

You can search for jobs from the Insidify home page. To run a search, simply type the job you want into the search box and click on “Search”. You can search for jobs by verification (jobs that have been screened by Insidify to ensure they aren’t scam jobs), specialization, location, website, and experience.
Jobs are ranked solely by relevance or date. We do not accept payments to include jobs in the search engine or to improve their ranking.
Check the spellings of your job title and/or location. We do a lot extra work to make sure you get enough results.
We understand you may need to refer to past job searches in the future, so yes, you can save your job search on your account.
Login to your account, click on “My Brand Page”, scroll down to find a CV maker and edit by providing your details. With this you can apply to jobs on Insidify. Alternatively, you can upload your CV directly in .doc or pdf formats.
No, you do not. You have the same quality experience irrespective of the device you are using, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
Because there are different kinds of jobs out there and Insidify pulls them from different sources, the application process varies from job to job. Some might require that you send your document to an email address while others might require that you register on the prospective employer’s career portal in which case you will be redirected to those portals from Insidify.
There are two types of jobs on Insidify. Those posted by Insidify and thus exclusive to Insidify account holders and those acquired from jobsites, newspapers and company career pages.
It will be clearly stated on the job details that it is exclusive to Insidify.
Absolutely not! At no point will Insidify ever require you to pay a part of your salary. See our Terms of Services page.

Insidify Alerts

As many jobs as available based on the specialization you choose. You can click on “Jobs that match me” to find more fitting jobs.
No, you don’t. You can start getting your alerts immediately.